Prevent costly and unnecessary damage to windows during construction, with our range of premium quality temporary window protection solutions.


Temporary Glass Protection Solutions

People can easily mishandle and damage glass in transit or a busy construction area. Paint, cement, stucco, and debris easily stick to glass, metal, or framing and are incredibly challenging to remove without causing surface damage. Sparks from welding and operating machinery can damage glass surfaces. These damages can lead to expensive repairs, delays, and replacements.  

At Gold Coast Clean & Sheen, we use temporary glass protection products that help protect these vulnerable surfaces and prevent undesirable consequences. We spray or paint your glass and window surfaces with a unique liquid formula that develops into a sturdy and resilient film. As soon as on-site construction has completed, we peel off the film without leaving any residue on the surface. 

Preserves Vulnerable Surfaces in Transit and Storage

Our special temporary window protection solution preserves other vulnerable surfaces in transit and storage. Stainless steel manufacturers rely on a similar solution to protect tanks and other products susceptible to damage. 

Our temporary glass protection film shields your windows and aluminium joinery from construction debris, including paint, render, and mortar. Over the years, our glass protection service has helped many residential and commercial clients from the Gold Coast region. We use premium temporary window protection film to protect glass during construction. This film’s non-toxic and environmentally-friendly features ensure the preservation of soft, hard, and low e-coated glass surfaces.

We know that other sub-standard temporary glass protection films on the market often leave unwanted markings or residue when contractors peel them off. We ensure this never happens so your glass surfaces and windows remain immaculate and spotless during construction. 

Rigorously Tested Temporary Window Protection

Our film’s user-friendly and rigorously tested solution includes cleaning agents that leave bases and foundations pristine and unblemished. We apply thicker coating to extend its longevity, to guarantee  maximum protection benefits.

Our temporary window protection film services have been deployed throughout many large-scale commercial and residential projects. Many builders attest to our reliability and professionalismwe have become their go-to temporary window protection service provider in the Southeast Queensland region. 


Gold Coast Clean & Sheen’s range of temporary window protection services helps preserve your glass and windows during construction. We apply our premium quality temporary glass protection film  to glass surfaces with a roller or sprayer. 

Our film dries into a peelable layer that can withstand harsh materials, including cement, paint, welding sparks, and stucco. It can protect glass, windows, metals, balustrades, and panels for up to one year. 

Here are our protective film’s key features:

  • Withstands spills and splatter, including cement, paint, and stucco
  • Resists fire and tolerates sparks from grinding and welding
  • Simple peel-off removal  

Our temporary glass protection film is applied to windows, panels, balustrades, cladding, curtain walls, and metals, including stainless steel and aluminium. Although it isn’t appropriate for acrylic surfaces, we can apply it to low-emissivity glass. 

At Gold Coast Clean & Sheen, we provide exemplary temporary glass protection film services. When we work with you, say goodbye to unsightly residues and marks after construction!  

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