You love your pets and they love you. But if you’ve had them with you at your rented property you’ll be required to have a flea treatment when you’re ready to vacate and hand the property back to your Landlord or Property Manager. As far as end of lease pest control goes you as the Tenant are not required to use any specific flea & pest control service(s) or product(s).

You are however required to use a licensed professional and it should go without saying that you should use a professional who knows what they are doing and one which has all the necessary insurance.


All of our Pest Technicians are fully insured and licensed to give you the confidence that your end of lease pest control treatment will be done correctly the first time without any stress or callbacks. Once we’re all done we’ll provide you with a receipt and the necessary documentation to you so that you can then forward to your Property Manager and have their requirements met in order to satisfy the relevant legislation and speed up the process of having your Bond returned to you.

It is best to have your end of lease pest treatment done after the bond clean and / or carpet clean so that it can do it’s work and doesn’t get washed away by the cleaning process. We can organise one or any of these services for you. Contact Us to organise your end of lease flea & pest control and let us take this hassle out of your hands.

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